Meet The Stoveneers

Pioneering, Engineering, Stove Professionals

The nature, knowledge and abilities of our people are a critical factor in allowing us to provide the highest quality of installation. We're very proud of the team that we have developed here at Stoveco. Having built up our knowledge through years of experience, we're as passionate as ever, sharing knowledge and skills and continuing to strive for smarter, cleaner, more efficient ways of delivering our projects.

Have a look below to find out some more about us....

Dan Riach

Managing Director

Dan started Stoveco back in 2009 after a few years working in other jobs across Scotland and, latterly, two years over in Australia. He always had the appetite to start his own company and decided that wood burning stoves were going to fuel that passion. Initially, he worked at a few ideas to bring in much needed revenue and eventually managed to secure the shed, as it was then, and turn it into our showroom. Since then he's been flat out bringing in new business and developing our installation base.

Andy Maxwell

Operations Director

Andy's now a shareholder and has been responsible for developing the company into a tight and professional crew. He roots out inefficiency and swiftly gets a solution in place. Day to day, Andy is in charge of the sales and installation schedule. 

Leza Cullen

Showroom Manager

Leza may well be the first face to greet you in our showroom. Having spent a couple years front facing customers and assisting with the installation scheduling she has developed a wealth of knowledge to enable her to give a first class technical sales advice. Her depth of knowledge allows her to guide customers quickly to the right product and discuss the project scope and likely costs accurately.

Jamie Gunn

Stores and Stock

Ex Naval Officer Jamie keeps us ship shape and Bristol fashion. Any stock inaccuracies are marched through the Court Marshall process and the guilty parties forced to walk the plank. Jamie will make sure that the right parts for your project are brought into to stock at the right time and price and ready to be loaded into the correct installation van.

Grant Lumsden

Installation Engineer

Pictured here with his body guard (Hubby), Grant joined our team in 2014 and has progressed quickly from an assistant installer to a fully qualified HETAS accredited installation engineer. In his past life, Grant has been involved in property renovation and also trained as a chef. We feel that his previous experience of property work and his ability to perform in the stressful and complex world of high quality cooking makes him a great asset to our installation team.  If you can't stand the heat get out of the stove business!

Heather Fitton


Heather has been with the company since the very start. She remembers fondly, if ironically, the first office where she spent many a winters day freezing cold. Her ability to withstand the artic office environment - and still keep a smile on her face - was sufficient demonstration that she had the requisite grit and sticking power to fulfil the role of keeping our company financials in order.

Dan Cooper

Installation Engineer / Sales

Coops found us after leaving the RAF, having been based at Leuchars. By his own acknowledgment - his military experience has developed him immensely. The maturing RAF experience, including two tours of Afghanistan, coupled with his previous career as a specialist bricklayer / conservation builder, was too much for us to resist. Like Grant, Coops has quickly developed as a key member of our installation team. He combines his specialist skills with his new HETAS qualification to enable him to deliver excellent and intricate installation work, and, as we're sure you'll agree, look amazing!

David Manuel

Installation Engineer

David's the youngest member of our team here; but this is by no means a reflection of his capabilities or experience. As part of a small development company he and his father started, David has built several houses. When his father decided to retire, David applied for a job here with us. David's multi-disciplinary experience and focus on joinery has been a great compliment to our team. Like our other Installation Engineers, David is a fully qualified HETAS accredited installer.

Andrew Macdonald

Installation Engineer

Like many of our team, Mac has a diverse work history.  A one-time Zoologist turned carpenter - Mac has worked on a variety of building projects over the years and has carried these out across the globe. Mac's passion is wood and fine finishing, which is a great asset to our team. Like our other Installation Engineers, Mac is a fully qualified HETAS accredited installer.

Scott Hulbert

Stores and Stock

Like all good teams we depend on good installation support and commitment from our Installation Assistants. Hubby hasn't come from a trade-based background, but he's learning very fast surrounded and supported by the other guys. Hubby will always say "yes" and do what's needed to get the job done - not always a glamorous role, we still really appreciate it.

Who is next? You?

Our Next Superstar

If you want to be part of a passionate and hardworking team and you fancy an interesting and challenging role providing customers with a fantastic service and top class products, let us know. We may just create a position with your name on it.