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Traditional range cookers hand-crafted in the UK, Everhot brings relaxed country living up to date with efficient, cost-effective and reliable solutions fit for the modern kitchen. Discover the complete range below...

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We are a premium dealer of Everhot range cookers with a number of models on display in our St Andrews showroom; we share their values on eco-friendly and efficient heating solutions combined with a great design aesthetic and would urge you to look at their website.

Everhot electric range cookers offer a true heat storage system, combing cooking and room heat, winter warmth and the even bake of the traditional range with all the control and versatility of a modern appliance.

The compact Everhot 60 cooker, for example, squeezes two large ovens, cast iron hot and simmer plates and an integral grill into a diminutive its 600mm size - an ideal choice for the smaller kitchen, town or country. Installation is fuss free, with no need for a flue or reinforced flooring; it simply plugs into a 13amp socket.

At the higher end of the range, for those who require more heat in the kitchen, the Everhot 120 cooker offers the luxury of four cast iron hotplates and four large ovens, all independently adjustable, with the top two housing an integral grill. The intelligent and more compact 120i drops one of those ovens - the final door instead concealing the cookers controls - and adds a three zone induction hob to the hotplates, notching up the efficiency and versatility of the overall cooking area. And speaking of versatility, where access to the kitchen is difficult, this range cooker can even be delivered and installed in two parts.

Effective temperature controls means there is no unnecessary warmth given out in the summer months and no need for a secondary cooker.

Pop by our Stoveco Showroom on the road from Dundee to St. Andrews, to chat about a potential Everhot cooker for your home.

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