Domestic Pellet Boiler Installation


Newport-on-Tay, Fife

Project Outline:

This domestic project involved replacing an existing gas fired combi-boiler, with a pellet boiler and module for hot water provision.

Heating your home with wood pellets used to be primarily for stoves, but now wood pellet boilers are widely used to heat homes and businesses with the same effectiveness as traditional heating. They operate much like oil/gas boilers, with automatic operation, hot water heating, and zoned comfort control. However wood pellets cost up to 60% less than traditional fuels, and are an eco-friendly fuel source.

Wood Pellet Boiler Project Details:

While the house is fairly large, as is very often the case in domestic situations, there is not a great deal of free space to accommodate the bulky pellet boiler plant or the fuel storage area. We therefore opted to divide the site up into three existing zones so as to create minimal upheaval for the client whilst still achieving a good quality, efficient and considerate technical layout.

Area 1 - An existing, external slabbed area was chosen for the bulky pellet store. 

Area 2 - An existing, very small (1.7m long x 1.2m wide) and under-used outbuilding would, with a little make over, be converted into the boiler room. This worked well as it is only 7m from the pellet store area. 

Area 3 - A small corner of the adjoining utility room would be transformed to house the buffer store and other items of plant. 

The existing system was a natural gas fired combination boiler, meaning there was no existing hot water tank. The position of the combi-boiler posed some challenges as it was installed through a tiny hatch under the floor at the far end of the house. While the system had been converted and pressurised for the combi, some of the radiators were very old.

Project Costs/Return on Investment:

Due to the space restrictions we opted to fit an ETA PC 32kW pellet boiler. This boiler can be installed in such a way that two of its sides are more or less hard to a corner, which gives a very small footprint. The boiler was married up to an 825ltr buffer store and a fresh water module for hot water provision, thus replacing the need for the combi boiler.

To ensure the system required minimum intervention and was easy to use, we installed a bulk pellet store, holding approximately 3.5 tonnes of fuel, and used a vacuum transfer to shift the pellets into the boiler as required.

Due to the weight of the pellet store, the slabbed area had to be excavated and a proper sub base installed and compacted. In addition to this, a 150mm reinforced concrete slab was poured to bear the weight of the fully loaded fuel store.

Our team are fully equipped for all eventualities and have years of experience so they can make expert recommendations on your renewable heating system.

One major benefit of installing a renewable heating system like a domestic pellet boiler, is that you are then eligible for money back via the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. This is a government-backed scheme which rewards people for installing renewable heating systems, by subsidising the cost over 7 years. In some cases, customers have made more money on the scheme than they originally paid for their system, so it is well worth applying after we have installed your system. We can assist with this.


Approximate installed cost £35,000